5 Benefits Of Disabled Dating Websites

disable datingAs someone with any type of disability, you have probably faced challenges in your daily life. Specifically when it comes to socializing and romantics. While the struggle may be discouraging, there is still hope. With the modern advances in the technological age, you too can find lasting love with someone special.

1. Dating online gives other people the chance to get to know you before they get to know your disability. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be upfront, because you should be. Of course you should always be honest about who you are and what set backs you may face. But your disability will get less in the way when you’re dating online. Especially if you choose a disabled dating website to meet new people. There, your disability will be expected and embraced. You won’t have to be embarrassed about approaching the subject. You’ll feel confident that you’re getting to know someone who can see past your disability. If your disability is developmental (like behavioral), this gives you more of an opportunity to build something. It also gives your date a better impression of your personality.

2. Dating online helps to keep you safe until you’re ready to take your relationship off the computer. This is another great reason for disabled dating websites. They can help you make connections who will be sensitive to waiting. Yes, you may both want to meet and see if the sparks fly in person too. But unlike with face to face dating, you have the chance to take it slower. You can really get to know your date before you actually get to know them. This helps you avoid people who are scamming or misleading you. Or worse, taking advantage of you in any way. It helps you to feel secure and safe.

3. Dating online can help to eliminate many of the anxieties you may feel when you’re meeting new people. Much of this is credit to knowing what you’re getting, so to say. You know that your date knows you’re disabled. So you don’t have to worry about when to tell them. Your date will know your nervous and be supportive. Both of these details mean you can progress your relationship at the pace you want to. You won’t feel as anxious about going on your first date as you would when you’re meeting someone another way. You’ll still feel anxious and have those first date butterflies, but that’s different. You won’t have the added anxieties that may be caused by your disability.

4. Dating online can help you to build lasting relationships. Because all those other stresses and anxieties are off the table, you’re free. That means you can truly dive into getting to know someone. You can start building a friendship with your potential date. Then, let the relationship blossom into something romantic. Or you can dive right into a relationship if that’s what you both want. You can take every step at your own pace. They can too, should they be faced with similar issues to yours. More importantly, you’ll have understanding and support while you’re reaching out. That can make a huge impact, too.

5. Dating online will help you build a lasting confidence and give you the encouragement to go and meet people. You may have tried meeting people many times and found yourself stuck. You may not have known what to say, or have had a sour reaction when your disability was brought up. When you’re disabled dating online, there will be no sour reactions. You will have no awkward conversations about your restrictions. You’ll be able to show people how interesting, smart and funny you are. You’ll get to be yourself. Nothing builds confidence quite like being accepted by your peers.

So, get out there and find yourself a great site to become a member of. The one I like the most is Disabled Dating Club – it has loads of members everywhere and has been around for many years. They also have a free trial, so you can take a look for free.

5 Examples Of Famous Disabled People

disabled dating clubThere has a been quite a negative stigma regarding individuals who suffer from disabilities. This is unfair. People with disabilities are just like everyone else. In fact, most of the time if you weren’t told, you wouldn’t even know. Some disabilities are physically obvious, while others are completely undetectable. It’s important that everyone realize disabled people are just like everyone else. To illustrate that, we’ve got a list of 5 famous people who you may not have known were even disabled.

1. Donna Fargo – Donna’s a singer. She performs a cross of pop and country music, to get technical. She’s best known for her song The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA. She had another hit that was just as popular called Funny Face. She suffered from multiple sclerosis, but refused to let it interfere with her career. She was adamant that she would fight through it. She rarely spoke of her health issues during interviews, but she became an inspiration to others who suffer from MS.

2. Bruce Willis – Bruce is a well known Hollywood actor. He’s been in many movies over the span of many years. He’s become a classic and everyone knows who he is. But, while you might not know it to watch his acting on screen, Bruce suffered from a speech impediment his entire life. Throughout his childhood, he spoke with a stutter. He was actually afraid it was going to interfere with his acting. This was shared by actress Julia Roberts, who also had a speech impediment throughout her childhood. Neither of them could be picked out of a crowd as having any disability now, but when they were younger it was a different story. Both of them were subject to ridicule when they were younger for being “different”. They have both said that acting was what helped them overcome their disability.

3. Franklin Roosevelt – Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the United States. He served an astounding four terms in office. He was the only president to ever serve more than two terms in office. Franklin unfortunately fell ill while on a vacation in Campobello Island in New Brunswick. The illness, which he thought was Polio, resulted in complete paralysis from his waist down. Although, he refused to accept this paralysis and attempted several different types of therapies. He was later fitted with braces, which he learned to walk with by swinging his weight and using a cane. When he wasn’t in the public, he was restricted to a wheelchair.

4. Abbey Nicole Curran – Abbey was known as Miss Iowa in the 2008 Miss USA beauty pageant. Since the pageant, she has made many different television appearances. Some of these appearances include The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Inside Edition, Extra and Access Hollywood. She has even been seen on CNN Headline News. The reason she is such a media sensation is that she was born with cerebral palsy. She is a great example for all young girls and women. She even founded “The Miss You Can Do It Pageant”, which encourages young girls with special needs. She aims to have other girls with disabilities to feel like they can compete like anyone else.

5. Cameron Diaz – Cameron is a well known actress. She’s been blessing the Hollywood screen for over 10 years. She shows no signs of settling down. While it’s harder to tell she suffers from any type of disability, Cameron has obsessive compulsive disorder. For Cameron the disorder is so bad she has said she wipes the paint off door handles before turning them. She also openly talks about how frequently she has to wash her hands. She even uses her elbows to push open doors instead of her hands whenever she can. She is an example of extreme OCD, but it hasn’t stopped her from living happily.

Disabled Dating Advice You Want

disabled dating ukSo you’ve decided to give disabled dating online a shot. You’ve set up your profile and you’re chatting up a few interested members. Hold on. There is some disabled dating advice you want before you take this relationship to the next level!

1. One of the things you’re going to want to watch for is the amount of personal information you’ve given out. You don’t want to over share your personal details. What you do for a living is a good thing to talk about. But don’t tell anyone online where you work or where you live. You obviously don’t want to give out financial information. Your companion shouldn’t be asking for that kind of thing in the first place. Asking where you work might just be part of making conversation. If you work at a retail store, give the name but not which location you work at. That kind of thing.

2. Before you make arrangements to actually meet, you should make sure your companion is a legitimate person. That means no cat-fishing, or scammers. You could have made arrangements to go out with someone who isn’t going to show up. A lot of this kind of behavior can be avoided by using a safe and secure server. If the disabled dating site you’re on is legitimate, there will be less of these types of people. If it’s some free site that anyone can join, you may find yourself faced with scammers. Use your own discretion and follow your gut instinct on a person.

3. Make sure that you’re being honest as well. Be honest not only about who you are, but about your restrictions as well. Make sure that your companion is aware of your disability. You don’t want to surprise them on your first date. Of course, your date should want to get to know who you are outside of your disability. However, if you didn’t tell them before that first date, they may feel betrayed. You don’t want to have built something online to have it go to waste because you left out that piece of information.

4. Continue practicing your safety when you do make arrangements for the first date. This means meeting up somewhere well lit and public. You want other people to see you together. Not for bragging rights, but so that if anything happens to you, there were witnesses. That may seem like a ridiculous notion, but it’s better to be safe than be sorry you weren’t. Also, it’s not appropriate to go straight to someones apartment for a first date. That isn’t safe and it sends the wrong message about the encounter. Hence, meeting up in public. Another good tid bit is that you should make sure someone knows where you’re going and who you’re with. Again, it’s just to be safe.

5. Make sure you know the accessibility of the place you’re going. The first date is really important to the development of your relationship. You don’t want to show up to the restaurant with your date only to find out it’s not accessible because of your disability. A little bit of research will go a long way here. You may also want to suggest a location for the date that you’re familiar with. Somewhere you’ve been before, or may know people who work in the area. In case your date is a bust.

Now all of these tips have been for your safety. You can find suggestions on what to wear and how to act, but none of that is going to help you. Really, the only advice in that area that you can be given is to be yourself. Be confident that you are a terrific catch and anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. Radiate that confidence and that’s all you’ll need.

Step-by-Step Guide To Disabled Dating

disabled singles datingIt would be great if you could meet people in the so-called normal way. That means going out to the bar, or to a coworkers party; through friends or whatever other way people often meet each other. The fact is, a lot of people, especially with disabilities, have shied away from these methods. Instead, they’ve opted to try disabled dating online. If you’ve never done online dating, you might be confused about how to get started. If you’re curious and ready to give it a chance, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to disabled singles dating. This is your tool to success in snagging that special someone.

1. Site Selection – While there are a great deal of good sites out there, it can be hard to filter through the bad ones. A good bench mark for most people is that paid sites are often more legitimate. They offer a screening of sorts because anyone looking to cat-fish or scam probably isn’t willing to pay to do so. But, that’s not to say that all free sites aren’t legitimate. There are many great websites out there. The best piece of advice is to follow your instinct when it comes to making a choice. Of course, you can join more than one of them if you’d like. You can tried the paid and the free sites and see what works better for you. That’s all your choice. But if a website seems to be haphazardly put together, it’s not going to be a website worth investing your time or hope into. As I have mentioned throughout my posts, I endorse www.disableddatingclub.org because it has been around for years, it’s trusted and has lots of members all over the world, including UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc.

2. Profile Set Up – Once you’ve found the site(s) you want to join, it’s time to set up your dating profile. You want to be clear and descriptive of both your personality and your disability. You may feel adding information about your disability will prevent people from wanting to contact you. It may work that way for some, but at least you’ll have peace of mind that those who still contact you are genuinely interested. You don’t want to build a relationship with someone to have them take off when they find out about your disability.

So be up front. Don’t fill your profile with generic statements about the vague things you enjoy doing. Be very specific. If you like taking walks, try saying what kind of scenery you like while doing so. Don’t just say you like movies, list some of your favorite movies and why you love them. This helps you to find people are more compatible to your personality. Someone who sees your detailed profile will be more likely to contact you. On your profile, you should also be descriptive of what you’re looking for. If you want a long term relationship, a hook up, or even just friendship. This will help to screen out the people who may not be looking for the same thing as you.

3. Take Time – Before you make arrangements to run off and meet someone from the internet, make sure you spent enough time getting to know them. Yes, we can never truly get to know someone from behind a computer screen, but, we can get to know about them. You want to know this person is genuinely interested in you and isn’t just some creep. If you spend a couple days, even weeks, talking, you’ll get a better idea of what they’re looking for. It’s important to know what you’re both looking for before making arrangements as well. Just in case those needs aren’t compatible. You may have thought you were until you started talking more in depth about the things you enjoy. Also, you want to put time into safely making arrangements for your first date. Research locations, stay out in the public, have an escape plan. Be safe.

After those three steps, the rest relies on your personality and charm. You’ve just got to be confident in yourself and what you have to offer the dating world.

Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Disabled Dating Websites

wheelchair datingIf you’ve been dating online for a long time, you might be asking what you’re doing wrong. If you’re new to the online dating scene, you might be asking what to avoid doing wrong. Well, we can’t tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong, but we can give you a generalization of what to avoid. We can also tell you what actions and impressions are encouraged to ensure your dating experience will be successful.

The first thing you want to look at it the layout of your dating profile. Did you include enough information? It’s important that you provide as many details about yourself as possible. Be specific about your likes and dislikes. Even included information about what you’re looking for in a date. All of this helps potential dates to really test compatibility. This saves both you and other members on the site time that could be better spent on other more compatible people.

Did you include too much information on your profile? That’s another common mistake. If you’ve filled your entire character limited, your profile could look boxy and full. The chances are, more people are skipping over reading your profile than actually looking. You want to have a happy medium between the two options. You want to include some good, solid information about yourself and what you’re looking for. You also want to include adequate spacing, which makes it easier to read.

Now that your profile is perfect, we’re going to assume you’re getting hits and messages. Are you replying promptly? How long or short are your replies? Are you abbreviating every word, or taking the time to spell things out? You may not be able to reply prompt due to work or other restrictions. That’s fine. But make sure when you are replying that you’re using full sentences and your replies don’t sound generic. No one wants a copy and pasted phrase in their inbox. Everyone gives those out. Reply with genuine answers, or ask genuine questions. Make proper conversation using full words. Keep in mind that not everyone will understand slang or abbreviated terms.

By the way, if you are an amputee or in a wheelchair and are looking for specialised amputee dating or wheelchair dating websites, I can recommend Amputee Dating Club and Wheelchair Dating Club, which cater specifically to these types of disabilities.

Let’s pretend you’ve got a nice date lined up. Have you asked your date for a preference on location? Have you taken into account the disabilities either of you have? Did you make sure the location was accessible? These are good pieces of information for a first date. If you’ve made great arrangements and any disabilities have been accounted for, then it’s up to chemistry.

But before the chemistry can start brewing, make sure you’re prepared. You want to show up to your date well dressed and well groomed. Be clean and smell nice. Have clean hair. You don’t want to look like a lazy teenager. If your disability has anything to do with hygiene, try your best. You want to make a fantastic initial impression.

The joy about disabled dating online is that you don’t have to worry how your date will react when they find out you’re disabled. They will already know. So you don’t have to worry about your disability being a part of that first impression. This means you are solely responsible for making that impression. Be polite and friendly. Make conversation and be a great listening. Get to know your date. Communicate. You should be good.

That’s the key to being successful with disabled dating websites.

Disabled Dating Sites

Dating is everybody’s rights, at least it should be. Meeting new people should be something that is natural to all. But more and more we hear how people are depressed because they can’t find the perfect match. The most common reason for this is the fact that people are very introvert and in other cases they are not familiar with dating sites for disability groups.

The most important thing is to research about the quality of these kinds of sites. You should find the perfect disability groups before you start searching the perfect match. No one will understand you better than the person with the same problem. There are thousands of sites on the Internet that can introduce you to those groups. After you finish your research, you can start finding your soul mate. I recommend Disabled Dating Club – which is a site that has been around for many many  years and has loads of members!
The next thing you should do is to pay attention to the security of these sites. You certainly want to be familiar with your privacy rights. You don’t want to end up as a victim. Nobody has a right to violate your rights. Your pictures are your property and nobody has a right to use them. These types of sites have to be very confident and to keep your information on safe.
After you make sure that your information will be safe, you can make your profile. This way you are going to become available for the potential partners.

At the same time, you are going to be able to make some selection, because you will be able to watch their profiles and decide who is a good or a bad choice for you.

Disabled dating sites can offer you a full confidentiality. They are the perfect place to find the perfect match. According to their database, you are going to find people who think in the same way as you do, or with the same disability, from the other part of the country. No matter how far away is your soul mate, they are going to find you, thanks to their enormous data system. It’s like a Facebook only for those who are shy and who have some disability. They will do everything for you, well at least the harder part.

Sometimes people are not aware of their true wishes, and they think that they know what they want. No wonder that so many people enter into a relationship and get out of them in the blink of an eye. Probably because they don’t know what their type is. Sometimes we wish for something only because it is untouchable at the moment. It is so called object of desire phenomena. The more something is untouchable, the more we want it. It is certainly very bad for us. We should be realistic and realize that love shouldn’t make us anxious but calm and happy.

The point of the perfect match isn’t in passion but serenity. Your match shouldn’t be perfect; it should be someone who will be able to hear your needs without talking.

A Guide To Dating A Disabled Person

disabled dating sitesThere is all kinds of advice on the internet for how to date if you have a disability. But it’s harder to come by advice for dating a disabled person. That’s not to say it’s impossible, because that’s exactly what we’re offering you. We all know how it feels to fall in love with someone who has a little extra baggage. But that baggage shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying a happy and healthy relationship together. So what do you do when you fall in love a disabled person?

1. Embrace It – You aren’t going to want to focus on your dates disability. You have to recognize that they are their own person, aside from the disability. It should never be the focus of your thoughts, actions or glances. But, you don’t want to completely ignore your dates disability either. This can make them feel insecure about themselves and you. It is a part of their life, whether they’re happy about it or not. Like every other aspect of your dates life, you want to show some interest. That brings us to our next piece of advice.

2. Ask Questions – Don’t feel embarrassed about this either. You may or may not know how to properly accommodate your date. You may be curious about the disability itself. You may wonder how it feels to live with this disability. You may want to know what kind of challenges your date might face in the future. Human curiosity is completely natural. So if you want to know something, don’t hesitate to ask. But don’t be a jerk about it either. Don’t ask things that are disrespectful or insensitive. If your date doesn’t want to answer certain questions, then don’t try and pry. This will end badly for everyone.

3. Plan Your Dates – One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have a “responsibility” when you’re dating a disabled person. They are capable of taking care of themselves and if they aren’t, they likely have support outside of you. But, having said that, there’s some responsibility when it comes to planning the date. Unless your date is the one doing the planning. But if you’re planning, make sure that you’re considering accessibility. If you’re not sure about a location, call and ask. You can call your date and get recommendations where they would be most comfortable. Or you could call the restaurant you want to go to and make sure there won’t be accessibility issues. This could be wheelchair access, or loud noises, or dim lighting. There are so many disabilities that it’s hard to predict what you might want to consider. That’s why asking your date is the best idea. Your date knows better than anyone.

4. Honesty – While on the subject of who knows better than anyone, you know yourself. If you’re uncomfortable by your dates disability, you need to be honest about that. If you’re nervous about messing up by saying something inappropriate, express that too. It can be a weight off your shoulder to just be honest and upfront. Your date may have a great sense of humor and if they do, you’ll feel less uncomfortable. If you date is just as uncomfortable as you, maybe you can dawn the great sense of humor. Just make sure you’re being tasteful and not inappropriate.

5. Be Yourself – Really, that’s the best advice we can give you. Whether you’re dating someone who is disabled or not, just be yourself. Your personality is enough to carry the date. After all, your date was attracted to your personality, right? You were obviously attracted to theirs. So relax and enjoy yourselves. Let the sparks fly.

Romance With A Disability

disabled personals

The internet is a great resource for finding any type of information. If you’ve ever looked up disability dating stories, you know there’s a good deal of mixed results. Many people say they are lonely and their disability prevents them from finding happiness. Well, as discouraging as those stories all are, there are encouraging ones out there as well. Of course, the stories with happy endings are a little harder to find. But if you’re looking to enjoy a real romance with a disability, you might want to read these real success stories.

A gentleman by the name of Chad was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He was afraid his disability was going to define him as a person. He recalls dreading dates because he wasn’t sure his dates were going to accept him when they realized he was disabled. But he also realized he was defining himself by his disability. He realized he was being restricted by his disability because he was letting it restrict him. He decided it was time to love and respect himself. He chose to start talking about his cerebral palsy, openly. He’s now married with children and he’s living his happily ever after.

Maurice suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now his story isn’t quite as fairy tale romance. The bachelor hasn’t settled down, but he enjoys his fair share of dates. He was also originally insecure about his disability. But he decided to embrace it as part of who he was. His advice is to accept who you are. He suggests to let things progress naturally. He believes the right person is out there for everyone, but he just hasn’t found his yet. He’s in no rush, either. He’s playing keyboard in a band and just waiting to meet his Mrs. Right.

A very wise woman by the name of Bridget has taken to writing love advice columns about her experiences while dating in a wheelchair. She says before she met her current boyfriend George, she was always nervous about asking anyone out. She was afraid of the reception she would get because of the wheelchair. But she stayed the course, she kept trying and she learned to be upfront with herself. She realized she was a great person with a lot to offer the world and she didn’t need to be defined by her wheelchair.

An inspirational couple by the names of Anita and Abraham both suffer from Autism. Their wedding was filled with advice from dating with Autism to how to raise children who have Autism. They have even both written out the moments they fell in love from different perspectives. These two are happy together and happy to share that happiness with everyone else.

These are just some of many love stories that ended on the brighter side. It doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not. Romance with a disability just takes a little extra work. But it’s worth it. You just have to love and respect yourself first. The rest will fall into place as long as you’re confident that it will.

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